The Layer is a seasonal cleanse program designed by Taryn Toomey with the help of culinary nutrition consultant, Mikaela Reuben and triple board certified nutritionist, Dana James. It includes a detailed manual, daily nutritional plans (a unique blend of seasonal, anti-inflammatory, and ayurvedic practices),
simple yet delicious recipes, instructions for mindful routines and rituals, tools for cravings and most importantly a loving community.

Participants around the country re-set their physical and emotional bodies by re-prioritizing the time spent taking care of themselves. 




• This program centers around daily nutritional plans that are a blend of seasonal, anti-inflammatory, & ayurvedic eating.

• For 10 days, we will remove common irritants while nourishing our bodies with whole foods from the 30 recipes that were created by culinary nutritionist Mikaela Reuben

• Through detailed daily plans, you will be guided through 2 tiers of detox: 
Days 1 - 5: limited animal protein diet of fish and egg & remove gluten, dairy, highly processed soy, caffeine, alcohol, and sugar. 
Days 6 - 10: animal protein is removed all together. 

• Each recipe is nutritionally balanced to give you the nutrients you need during your detoxification process. 

• You are supported through: the detox tools included in your Wellness Kit, daily emails from Taryn, The Layer community, and 1-on-1 support.

• Our Welcome Kit includes products and tools that are incorporated into your daily plan.

• You are given techniques for handling cravings and mindful routines and rituals will replace ones that have not been supporting your wellness goals.

• Together, we will shed mental, emotional, and physical stagnant layers to reveal a more balanced, vibrant self.

• While the program prioritizes a return to time and effort spent on self care, we do have a private chef that can make and deliver your meals (separate pricing); Currently available in NYC.


The Winter Layer : January 2018

Details & Important Dates

January registration is now open.
The program can be started on any Monday of this month.


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The Layer by Taryn Toomey : $350

We offer a discounted 5-class package to those participating in our cleanse program - pricing details below.

The Layer + The Class by Taryn Toomey (NYC) : $475

The Layer + The Class by Taryn Toomey (LA) : $450

Shipping anywhere in the US: $40



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